We present you our perfectly adapted packages for your needs and, at the same time, fulfil the main goal of having an enough period of time to obtain the Compostela.
Come and live an unforgettable experience with our adapted services!

We propose you a complete program that, in any case, can be adapted to the desired length and distance depending on your availability of time and desire for adventure! A shorter period of time is perfectly possible, but will not allow you to obtain the Compostela (unless you wish to return later to finish the path).

Enjoy the beauty of the Portuguese Way to Saint James throughout the coast.
This fascinating journey is in your hands. You can enjoy it without worries and with the guarantee and peace of mind of travelling through paths previously analysed and tested. Your only function will be: Enjoy!

The non-accessible sections of the route are made in a support vehicle.

PACK MEDIUM PILGRIMAGE– LEVEL 1 (Accessible Wheelchairs – baby’s stroller – cars for children). 100 kms.

The Portuguese Way to Saint James along the coast is unique for its magical beauty.
The architectural grandeur of the present monuments on the route from Oporto to Santiago de Compostela are fascinating – its continuous contrast between water and land mixed with the simplicity of the Atlantic Ocean – in many places absolutely untouched and with excellent fluvial beaches and green hills, is no less interesting. You can also testify the abundant cult testimonies to the Apostle Santiago that can be contrasted throughout the cities of the coast.


Stage 1


The first stage starts in Oporto, whose historic centre is considered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In this stage you will travel 11 kms, through completely accessible paths from the Gothic church of St. Francisco, one of the most important Baroque monuments, to the Mercado de Matosinhos, a well-known fish and seafood market in the north of Portugal.
In addition to the fact that you’ll be observing the great and emblematic monuments at this stage, you will also taste the typical Portuguese gastronomy, from the famous “Francesinha” to the incredible “Bacalhau com Broa”. You will see that during this stage you will find a perfect harmony between the spiritual and the earthly elements.

Stage 2


During the second stage you will visit the beautiful Praia das Pedras Brancas and the town of Angeiras and seal your credential at the Tourism Office of Vila do Conde. Once again you can admire a high level of historical heritage, such as the example of the Nossa Senhora da Guia’s Chapel. In Póvoa de Varzim, it is interesting to visit the Fortress of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, also known as the Castle of Póvoa. This is a rich area for fish and seafood tasting, and that way we can reset our forces and continue our path.
This stage ends at Mestre’s beach.

Stage 3


The following day and after having a fantastic gastronomy experience in the previous stages, we will start this third stage in Viana do Castelo and we will continue our pilgrimage parallel to the coast.
Throughout this stage we will find several military constructions that were born to protect the borders between Portugal and Spain, nowadays fraternally inseparable. The Cathedral of Viana and the Museums of Costume, Art and Archaeology are interesting places to visit in the city, where we will have the opportunity to collect your stamp for the credential. Then, again, we intend to surprise you with the visit of Vila Praia de Âncora, where you can find crystal clear water beaches mixed with hills and forests – an amazing combination.
We will finish this stage at the beach of Moledo where you can observe the Ínsua’s island. Our eyes will be able to relax with these fantastic views, being prepared to receive the next stage.

Stage 4


This is the most international stage of all due to the fact that in the same day you will be able to be in two countries!
Travelling along the coast, you will be able to observe the Ínsua island. This remarkable place is one of the three in the world were fresh water rises from the rocky soil.
In A Guarda, we will pass through Camposancos, until arriving at the urban core of the town, distinguished by the European Commission as an european destiny of excellence (EDEN) because of its proposal of development of a sustainable tourism. You will understand when you’ll see it!

Stage 5


At this new stage, you will thrive with enthusiasm after having enjoyed experiences and seeing unusual places. Your eagerness is about to see and experience more and more.
We’ll keep following the path in direction to Oia, where the historic Roman monastery, Santa María de Oia, is located. This stage will finish at the famous Villa de Baiona, the first touristic town of Galicia, where you can once again enjoy unique seafood and fish cuisine from the south of this community . Galicia is the region with the biggest variety of seafood in the world and here you will start to enjoy them!

Stage 6


In this sixth stage, the route continues through Baiona where you will get to know the port where the caravel Pinta arrived with the news of the discovery of America in 1493 (there is a replica that can be visited).
We’ll end up in Panxón, a fishing village and a summer touristic destination by excellence.
This final part of the stage has dazzling views to the only national maritime-terrestrial park of the country – Cies Islands – maybe we have enough time to go there!

Stage 7
BARRO – CALDAS DE REIS – SANTIAGO (final entrance through the avenue: Rosalía de Castro)


In Barro, municipality of the province, and after traveling 11 kms, we’ll arrive at Caldas de Reis, a village known for its thermal water springs of curative properties and that is crossed by the Umia’s River, well-known for its unique fishing capacity and potential of irrigation.

Finally, in this final stage you can see, for the first time, the towers of the Cathedral of Santiago. You will never forget this mental image, we assure you!
Later on and entering in the city through Rosalía de Castro’s Avenue, we will arrive at Praza do Obradoiro, where Santiago’s Cathedral is waiting for you to give that affectionate and majestic welcome that has been offering to millions of pilgrims and tourists for centuries.

There is no better greeting for the achievement of your goal. You can not express it with words, you have to feel it, live it.

After picking up your Compostela and enjoying a well-deserved rest, you will make part of a guided tour throughout the city.
In the evening, you will be able to have dinner with typical Galician products, and the night will end with a very pleasant surprise.

Congratulations for achieving this experience and thank you for letting us share it with you!