Unique Tours was born from the premise that “Tourism is a social good of primal importance and that should be available to all citizens, without any exceptions.” In Unique Tours we are committed to the whole society, and inclusion is the foundation of our philosophy.
In order to extend the scope of the experience of making the pilgrimage through the portuguese ways to Santiago, Galaxipotential, the main company, decided to create Unique Tours: a tour operator intiative whose approach is to provide an opportunity to all of those who – due to their difficulties / limitations – never had the opportunity to make their pilgrimage through the Portuguese ways to Santiago, or always believed that they couldn’t do it.
We want people who suffer from any sort of lack of mobility or incapacity in its broadest sense not to refrain from traveling the Portuguese ways to Santiago, because Unique Tours offers all the services and equipment needed for them to embrace this challenge.
The most repeated sentence among the pilgrims is that the Ways to Santiago represent a before and an after in their lives, and that was the main reason for the creation of Unique Tours, so that unique special people can travel them too.

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