In Unique Tours we believe that the Ways to Santiago are a unique experience that creates a change in people’s lives and that everyone should have the opportunity to experience this if they so desire.

That is why Unique Tours was born with the purpose of facilitate the access to the Ways to Santiago to people suffering from some type of limitation or lack of mobility in its broadest sense, whether it’s a temporary limitation or chronic illness; acquired or vital limitation, or simply due to age, or even a mother with her stroller!

We have created pilgrimage programs designed for physical and psychological support for people with mobility limitations. The daily pilgrimage will only be carried out through the most suitable, safe and attractive routes, with the guarantee of the achievement of the Compostela (“title” for those who travel at least 100 km). In addition, the programs also include a wide range of high quality services in accommodation and gastronomy.

Below we present the services offered:

Basic services available and on demand:

1. Physiotherapist service available.

1. Psychological support throughout the journey.
2. Tour Guides (translators of sign language, among others, according to the needs of the group)

3. Physical and psychological evaluation of the “pre-path” and “post-path”.
4. Possibility of transporting guide dogs.
5. Relaxing treatments in Thalassotherapy, Spa or Thermal Springs.
6. Personalized pilgrimage video with aerial and terrestrial images.
7. Travel insurance and VAT

8. Quality accommodation and catering.
9. Support vehicle with driver.
10. Entrance transfer (Francisco Sá Carneiro’s Airport, Oporto, and Humberto Delgado’s Airport, Lisboa) and outbound transfer (Santiago- Santiago de Compostela’s Airport).
11. Catering service during the stage, always with local ingredients.
12. Support caravan with bed, sofa, bathroom, snacks, fresh drinks.