The pilgrimage and the Ways to Santiago are a recognized experience in the world. As Goethe said, “Europe was built on the pilgrimage to Santiago.” The motivations for which it is carried out in the present are varied. If you are looking for an experience with the advantages and characteristics mentioned below, JOIN US AND BE PART OF THIS ADVENTURE!

1- It’s a healthy experience. Breathing the fresh air; contacting with the nature; the gastronomy; the repairing rest after the tiredness and, above all, your smile, it’s the greatest remedy you can give to your body. And a touristic experience! The tradition, the authenticity!

2- For spiritual reasons, because each experience is unique. It is not something that can be said, you have to experience and enjoy it. Your perception about time and space, the way you see life and the understanding of nature, will transform your life. It will expand your perception of life, which leads you to recover the strength that you had lost and will help you believe more in ourselves, in your capabilities and the possibility of actually achieving our dreams.

3- Faith. A way of living intensely faith and religion – there are those embark on this journey for religious or spiritual reasons – being able to connect with the spiritual side and to accomplish what you have hoped for so long. Because you can discover what it means to be truly supportive, to help, to encourage others as we walk together towards a common goal.

4- To strengthen interpersonal relationships, coexistence, transforming the way of seeing one’s life and allowing one to understand that in reality we do not need many things to live, rather than important moments and people; making new friends; learning languages – being part both of the first European Cultural Route and the history of pilgrimage.

5- Enjoying every moment; doing what you want at your own pace, without demands, dedicating time to yourself. The uniquenes; the connection with one another.

6- Making make new friends, learning languages, embarking on the first European Cultural Route and becoming part of the history of pilgrimages.

7- At the end of the route, one of the most beautiful, impressive and multicultural cities in the World, Santiago de Compostela, will be waiting for you, as well as the reward of your effort and the Compostela.