The protocol was celebrated in March 27th in Mosteiro da Batalha, thanks to the  Tourism of Portugal, which supports this initiative.

Together, with other dozen of beneficiaries, Galaxipotential Unipessoal Limitada, has received financial support from the portuguese government, through the Tourism of Portugal, in order to develop its accessible tourism initiative on the Portuguese Ways to Santiago.

The accessible tourism, as it is understood and mentioned by the Tourism of Portugal,it is a “social good, of paramount importance that should be available to all citizens, without being suppressed any population group”. This makes us immediately think in the Ways to Santiago, a living example of fraternity, of connection with oneself and the other, of authenticity, of living a life that is full until reaching the goal.

We strongly believe that, for Portugal, the Ways to Santiago in combination with its accessibility, represent a differential and an innovative initiative, since that this is a product already recognized on an  international level.

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