We present you our perfectly adapted packages for your needs and, at the same time, fulfil the main goal of having an enough period of time to obtain the Compostela.
Come and live an unforgettable experience with our adapted services!

We propose you a complete program that, in any case, can be adapted to the desired length and distance depending on your availability of time and desire for adventure! A shorter period of time is perfectly possible, but will not allow you to obtain the Compostela (unless you wish to return later to finish the path).

Enjoy the beauty of the Portuguese Way to Saint James throughout the coast.
This fascinating journey is in your hands. You can enjoy it without worries and with the guarantee and peace of mind of travelling through paths previously analysed and tested. Your only function will be: Enjoy.

The non-accessible sections of the route are made in a support vehicle.

PACK Medium Pilgrimage – Level 2 (medium – Difficulty 2 – for people who suffer from: blindness, weight problems and others.; pilgrims in general that show some difficulty passing under slopes or have medium-high walking pace)

Stage 1
Oporto – Padrão (Mosteiro de São Salvador; Madalena (Vilarinho)) – Santagães


Start this exciting adventure in Oporto, a cosy cosmopolitan city, distinguished in 2017 as the Best European Destination. Its old picturesque houses and vibrant narrow alleys characterize the oldest part of this city. This region is also well known to produce of Port Wine, stored in huge wine cellars on the banks of Douro’s river.
How about the idea of starting this route with a Port tasting, and a Francesinha tasting? This is the kind of gastronomic ritual for those who visit the city for the very first time.

In addition, you can stamp your first credential and keep roaming in direction to the Monastery of San Salvador, the end of this first trajectory.

The following itinerary is shorter and begins in Madalena (Vilarinho) ‘till Santagões.

After this first stage you will experience the first contact with the Central Portuguese Way to Santiago, you will enjoy a moment of rest and relax. Enjoy it!

Stage 2
Santagões – Rates – Ferrado


We hope that you start this second stage in a joyful mood, in which it will begin in Santagões ‘till Rates (where you can stamp your credential in the Shelter), passing through S. Mamede, St. Miguel de Arcos, Moldes and Borgonha.

Besides enjoying another kind of landscape, you will have a different perception of this Way – now a more relaxing, rural and not as cosmopolitan as the one from the previous stage – yet equally interesting and rewarding.

You will also admire the precious Portuguese religious heritage, such as the examples of St. Pedro’s Church and St. António’s Chapel , in Rates.

In Ferrado, you will find the end of this rural stage, highly rewarding both in a cultural and spiritual level.

Stage 3
Barcelos – Gándara; Ponte de Lima – Regatal


Today we are going to offer you a complete and very interesting day. Shall we start?

The first part of the stage begins in Barcelos, and, by the way, who is the person who does not know the rooster of Barcelos? Besides identifying this region, it is also the symbol of the identity of Portugal. This is a town full of monuments and owns a marvellous public garden, Jardim das Barrocas – a great set to start the third day.

The following trajectory starts in Ponte de Lima, a town where you’ll be amazed by its architecture, museums and a botanical garden, amongst other things that will leave you surprised.
We cannot let you keep carrying this route without tasting Ponte de Lima’s famous cuisine!

Passing through the precious medieval bridge, you will see the St. António’s church, a pilgrim’s shelter, keeping your track through the national route in direction to Regatal.

In this stage you’re going to stamp your credential, both in Barcelos and Ponte de Lima.

Stage 4
Regatal – Espinheiros; Rubiães – Valença


Today’s stage will be the last one in Portuguese territory, but we’ll try that you enjoy it like if it was your first one.

A first phase of this stage will lead you quietly through pleasant rural areas, contrasting somewhat with the cosmopolitan character of the previous stage.

You will pass through Paredes, Devesa, Salgueiro, Codeçal and Balada, to finally get to Espinheiros, not forgetting to admire the landscape richness that exists in the basins of Labruja’s river.

The last trajectory will be made from St. Bento da Porta Aberta’s Church ‘till Valença, which following trajectory will be totally made in Spanish territory.

Valença do Minho will amaze you by its well-preserved and majestic fortress.

You will, in one hand, admire the authentic military architectural world treasures, and on the other, experience a mixture of gastronomy, tourism and commerce, the main factors of tourist attraction, in which we’ll try that you enjoy as maximum as you can. To conclude, you will have the experience of crossing the centuries-old Valença-Tui International Bridge, which links the two historic cities.

Stage 5
Redondela – Pontevedra


You will start this stage already in Spanish territory and we are quite sure that you will have the image of Portugal in your heart and mind.
The starting point will take place in Redondela, right next to the façade of the pilgrim’s shelter. In a fraction of a few Kilometres you will see a magnificent panorama at the end of Vigo’s estuary with a marvellous sight for those little houses standing next to the mountainous slope.

You will pass through Arcade (locality well-known for its exquisite oysters), Vilaboa and Ponte Sampaio, among many other places, leaving behind residential palaces, traditional granaries, churches, bridges and a whole relaxing nature.

Your goal during this stage will be reaching Pontevedra, the home of the hospitality and beautiful treasures, such as the Basílica de Santa María Maior, the ruins of St. Domingo, not forgetting the La Peregrina, built in the end of the 18th century in the shape of a Scallop, showing at the same time a curved façade in honour of the apostle and his Ways.

After having completed this stage, you will deserve a gastronomic experience in one of the many terraces from La Ferrería and Praza da Estrela. It is a very nice plan, isn’t it?

Stage 6
Caldas de Reis – Valga; Santiago de Compostela


At this moment, you are closer to achieve your main goal! You will start this chapter having in mind your encounter with the apostle, a concrete thought that you were longing for all of this time.

You still have a few kilometres to go, so cheer up and let’s go!
You will get out of Caldas de Reis, whose long tradition, as such as the healing properties and quality of its thermal waters exists since the Roman times.
Through the beautiful Galician countryside, between watercourses and old windmills, you will reach the town of Valga, where you will finish this first phase of this trajectory.

Almost finishing your central Portuguese way to Santiago de Compostela, you will cover 4 Kilometres from the entrance of Santiago de Compostela until arriving at the beautiful Cathedral and the Square of the Obradoiro. During these 4 kilometers you will see the towers of the Cathedral appearing right in front of you, and we are more than convinced that you will going to experience the same feeling of joy and well-being like millions of other pilgrims.

Finally you will reach your goal but also the satisfaction feeling of achieving your objective that will remain forever in your memory – that’s our main purpose.

You can rest now with the feeling of duty fulfilled in all of your senses!

Congratulations for your experience and thank you for sharing it with us!