This Way is known as Torres Way To St. James in tribute to D. Diego de Torres Villaroel, “University of Salamanca’s Cloister and Guild and also Professor of Mathematics”, who walked this route from Salamanca to Santiago de Compostela, passing through Portugal in the year of 1737.

In this route we hope that you’ll appreciate the same way D. Diego de Torres did, who promised to make the pilgrimage in direction to Santiago de Compostela during his exile in Portugal.

The originality of his idea came from the fact that his pilgrimage crossed Portugal, instead of travelling through the Silver’s way to St. James, and we should be grateful for his thought and execution because we can now enjoy the same landscapes and sensations as he did.

PACK MEDIUM PILGRIMAGE– LEVEL 2 (medium – Difficulty 2); Blind people, people with weight problems, etc.; pilgrims in general showing some difficulty to go through slopes or having a medium-high walking pace.

Stage 1


We’ll start our Torres Way to St. James from Guimarães, a traditional and quiet city located in the north of Portugal. Its historical and monumental character was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2001.
What is a better starting point than Guimarães? It’s also in this city that you’re going to collect your first credential.

Throughout this first stage you will get to visit several places that are going to surprise you in a very pleasant way due to its ancestral beauty or even its curiosities. You will get to know beautiful villages such as Ribeira, Boavista, Caldas das Taipas, Alvite and Carvalho.

The following path will mesmerize you the same way as the other one. You will start from Braga, the third biggest city of Portugal and also its youngest, full of interesting squares, churches of baroque style and pedestrian small streets that are going to invite you to admire them while walking on by. You’ll get your second credential by strolling and strolling around this city.

Stage 2


During the second stage, your first path will pass through Agrela, but for this to happen you will have to travel through the villages of Quinta, Formoso, Vila de Prado, Fontainha, Outeiro, Febros and Lameiro, amongst many others, that will offer you a different perception of Portugal, without only thinking about the big urban centres.

You’re going to reach the end of this rural stage in Póvoa, and it’s more than time to regain your strength for the next stage.

Stage 3


Today is going to be a very colourful day! Let’s start this third stage!!

You’ll get out of Póvoa de Varzim to pursuit the goal of walking 8 kilometres that separate you from the amazing following destination: Ponte de Lima. Besides stamping your credential, you’ll be able to admire the medieval bridge from the XIV century, considered the country’s most beautiful bridge preserving in it a small part of five roman arches. Here you will appreciate the emblazoned and tiled houses, a very typical and surprising curiosity.

And how about a gastronomic experience in this path? In Ponte de Lima, with the exception of codfish, you’re going to see that this city is famous for its Lamprey from the Lima’s river, where you’ll also have the opportunity for tasting the cream-milk, a famous dessert. Can you resist?

Along the second path you will get to know the medieval bridge, the church of Santo António da Torre Velha, the pilgrims ‘s shelter and the national road towards Regatal, where you’ll reach this day’s ending stage.

Stage 4


One more stage and you’ll get to your last destination in Portugal, because in the next following day your adventure will continue through Spanish territory.

This stage’s first part will occur, as the other one, in a quiet area; the factors of abstraction and enjoyment are also necessary during this serene and pleasant way.

You will pass through the villages of Paredes; Devesa; Salgueiro; Codeçal and Balada with the intention of reaching Espinheiros, without forgetting to admire the beauty of the landscapes of the banks of the river Labruja.

Following the last path that will begin in the Church of S. Bento da Porta Aberta, you will cross a small roman bridge from the village of Rubiães in order to finally arrive to Valença do Minho where its wall will leave you breathless because it is one of the main military fortifications in Europe with almost 5 kilometres of perimeter. You’ll also be able to admire its valuable cultural heritage.

Finally, and to say goodbye to Portugal in a way that this country deserves, you can give yourself a gastronomic gift that includes the country’s best-known product, the codfish, along its famous soup, Caldo Verde, or even Borrachinhos de Valença.
A delightful way to finish this wonderful stage.

Stage 5


You will start this stage already in Spanish territory and we are quite sure that you will keep the image of Portugal in your heart and mind.
The starting point will take place in Redondela, right next to the façade of the pilgrim’s shelter. In a fraction of a few Kilometres you will see a magnificent panorama at the end of Vigo’s estuary with a marvellous sight for those little houses standing next to the mountainous slope.

You will pass through Arcade (locality well-known for its exquisite oysters), Vilaboa and Ponte Sampaio, among many other places, leaving behind residential palaces, traditional granaries, churches, bridges and a whole relaxing nature.

Your goal during this stage will be reaching Pontevedra, the home of the hospitality and beautiful treasures, such as the Basílica de Santa María Maior, the ruins of Santo Domingo, not forgetting the La Peregrina, built in the end of the century XVIII in the shape of a Scallop, showing at the same time a curved façade in honor of the apostle and his Ways.

After having completed this stage, you will deserve a gastronomic experience in one of the many terraces from La Ferrería and Praza da Estrela. What a very nice plan, isn’t it?

Stage 6
CALDAS DE REIS – VALGA; SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA (entrance through Rosalía de Castro)


At this moment, you are closer to achieve your main goal! You will start this chapter having in mind your encounter with the apostle, a concrete thought that you were longing for all of this time.

You still have a few kilometres to go, so cheer up and let’s go!!!
You will get out of Caldas de Reis, whose long tradition, as such as the healing properties and quality of its thermal waters exists since the Roman times.
Through the beautiful Galician countryside, between water courses and old windmills, you will reach the town of Valga, where you will finish this first phase of this trajectory.

Almost completing the way, you will cover four Kilometres from the entrance of Santiago de Compostela until arriving at the beautiful Cathedral and the Square of the Obradoiro. During these four Kilometres you will see the towers of the Cathedral appearing right in front of you, and we are more than convinced that you will going to experience the same feeling of joy and well-being like millions of other pilgrims.

Finally you will reach your goal but also the satisfaction feeling of achieving your objective that will remain forever in your memory – that’s our main purpose.

You can rest now with the feeling of duty fulfilled in all of your senses!!

Congratulations for your experience and thank you for sharing it with us!!!